Welcome to Winnipeg Hearing Centres


We have recently re-opened after being closed since March 18th due to the covid19 crisis.

We are operating on a reduced schedule from 10:00am to 3:00pm Monday to Friday and offering a reduced service menu while we adjust to our new normal.

We will be seeing people by appointment only while we get used to our new physical distancing protocols.

The Winnipeg Hearing Team


We believe that when it comes to quality of life issues, knowing exactly who you’re putting your trust in is really important. Winnipeg Hearing Centres has been earning people’s trust in Manitoba for over 74 years and our success is grounded in one simple belief.

We’re here to help.

As Manitoba’s leading hearing healthcare provider, we offer more locations (because we know you want convenience), more hearing specialists (because we know you don’t want to wait for appointments) and more complimentary special services like our Customer Care Shuttle, our 5 Year Peace of Mind extended warranty and our Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back promise (because we know you expect and deserve the best).

We invite you to browse our site to learn more about your hearing health and how we can help you live a better life.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know us a little better.

Please feel free to call us if you’d like to know more. We’re here if you need us.

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